A series of SMART Tactile LapPads are designed as tactile therapy targeting at helping children with sensory processing disorder, specifically treating those with tactile sensory dysfunctions. SMART Tactile LapPads will provide a more holistic interactive play experience allowing children to understand and involve themselves in a cause-and-effect learning environment. These lap pads allow the child to understand that an action they do can cause a response from this toy. Playing with these SMART Tactile LapPads will hence give them the appropriate sensory inputs together with a sense of control to predict and anticipate their own actions. These LapPads have been proven to work well in occupational therapy, specifically useful when therapists are working with children on their sensory explorations. It will also enable the children to enjoy tactile experiences together with fun interactive play that will help them to overcome their tactile dysfunctions. Each Tactile LapPad is designed to be detachable onto a weighted lap pad that provides proprioceptive input for the child, creating deep pressure for calming the child’s nervous system.