Wearable Technologies Symposium 2013 : TEXT-ILES AND INTERTEXTUALITY

Title: Tactile Therapy : SMART Textiles – The design of tactile textiles for therapeutic applications
Presented by: Karen Hong
Venue: NTU, School of Art Design and Media, Singapore
Date: 12 November 2013
Abstract: Tactile Textiles is a series of textile-based materials and products that incorporates smart technology to produce 'cause and effect' interactive play upon touching of the products. The textiles will be aesthetically designed and constructed as 3 dimensional forms by utilizing the thermoplastic qualities of synthetic fabrics during the first stage. The design of the 3 dimensional forms will attract the users to feel and touch the textiles and with the seamless incorporation of smart technology such as motion sensors, that will detect hand movements on the surface of the fabrics, sensory outputs such as light, heat, sound and vibrations will produced.

The 2 main target group of end users are:
1.Elderly/Geriatric patients who are suffering from deteriorating sense of touch
2.Children with autism who are suffering from tactile sensory dysfunction
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