World Congress on Special Needs Education 2017

Title of Paper: Tactile Toys: Therapy for Tactile Dysfunctions
Abstract: Tactile Toys are developed from three- dimensional textiles as tactile therapy for children who are diagnosed with Tactile Dysfunction. The three-dimensional forms of textiles are achieved by utilizing the thermoplastic qualities of synthetic fabrics. Tactile Toys are being used in occupational therapy sessions, and the usage of specific Tactile Toys for each individual child is closely being monitored by the occupational therapist. The implementation of Tactile Toys as tactile therapy will better equip children with appropriate therapeutic tactile sensory benefits, with a focus in helping children with different tactile sensory needs to improve their ability to regulate, interpret and execute appropriate behavioural responses to touch sensations. The goal of tactile therapy for children is to help them develop appropriate responses to touch sensation so that daily tasks can be competently performed. As these competencies will increase with effective tactile therapy, the child’s self-esteem and self-regulation will also improve, allowing them to live their lives in a functional manner.
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