Tactile Textiles - Applications in Furnishing Design
Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre
10 Oct 2012 – 12 Oct 2012

Over the past decade, many designers have begun to show an increased interest in fabrics and textiles. Textiles as materials are presented with practical functions. It could be used to provide shadow, or comfort, or support. It could be in the form of wallpapers or dividing screens for interior architecture. It might also be in the form of interior furnishing products, such as light shades and sculptures. It has gone beyond the possibilities of just being in the form of body wearable and fashion accessories.

Designers have been stimulated by the potential of new textiles, and have became interested in the inherent flexibilities of fabrics, it’s capacity to be moulded and given a 3D form and being utilized in contemporary design.

Utilizing the thermoplastic properties of polyester, a range of fabrics has been designed, pleated and moulded into 3D structural forms. The heat set polyester fabrics are further developed into a commercial range, suitable to be applied into our contemporary lifestyle as interior furnishings and products. In Oct 2012, this range is being showcased in “100% Design Singapore”.


Presented by Karen Hong, Assistant Professor, School of Art Design and Media at the Nanyang Technological University.

Supported by Nanyang Technological University – School of Art, Design and Media.

School of Art, Design and Media